Step Up and Stand Out Conference Feb 21, 2015

Step Up Conference PostcardCome join our team for a POWERFUL 4 hours of Content Rich Training. Our Speakers will share proven success tools for both business and your personal life.

You’ll walk away from the Step Up and Stand Out Conference with everything you need to become more SUCCESSFUL, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE in your childcare center!

Step Up and Stand Out is February 21, 2015 from 8am to12pm at The Commons in Minnetonka (Directions to 14451 Hwy 7, Minnetonka)

Register by January 16, 2015 and you will receive one hour of FREE One-on-One time with one of our valued Presenters to get answers to your most challenging questions.

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“The 5 Best Business Strategies to Bring You a Successful Year”
Presenter: Aleta Mechtel

There seems to be very little training that is geared toward helping Child Care Center Directors be an effective Director and run a successful business. In fact, I discovered how to become an effective Childcare Center Director by gaining access to a variety of leadership resources and most of all…by experience!

I will unfold how I got through my top struggles as a Director! Yes, I had many struggles, including: hiring the wrong staff, lack of leadership, not effectively managing staff, not running my business the best I could and simply struggling with the many day to day duties of a Director.

If you are struggling with day to day leadership and best business practices, then this conference is for you!

I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made and teach you the top 5 ways to become an effective Child Care Center Director in 2015!
About Aleta Mechtel

“The Power of Presence”
Presenter: Stacia Christenson

Within seven seconds of meeting you, people make a judgment about how capable (or not) you are in your job, and whether or not they’d like to work with you (and your center/staff). The perception others make of you is 70% based on “image”, yet personal image is also affected by how we feel about ourselves. Stacia will help you recognize the image you are projecting, and offer a refreshing perspective in considering the power of your presence and how to care for ourselves in a way that changes how we “carry” ourselves. While it is not “fair” that people judge us, in fact they do. You will walk away two inches taller, with “insider” tips for self-care sure to have you stepping up and standing out!
About Stacia Christenson

“Exhausted BEFORE You Even Begin Your Work Day?”
Presenter: Teresa Brenke

Exhaustion is the one thing keeping us from exercising or going after our dreams. This seminar will give you easy steps to feel alive again! In one session we will not only show you what foods are taking away your power to get through your day, but also give you the tools to change your perspective! You will be able to easily embrace this small change and realize it is as easy as brushing your teeth or getting dressed every day. It’s just a way of being. Give yourself the gift of energy!
About Teresa Brenke

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“What Each Classroom MUST Have to Enroll Every Family That Tours”
Presenter: Kate Stedronsky

Going through the process of NAEYC accreditation provides benefits to the children, families, teachers and programs as a whole. Becoming accredited raises the level of quality of early childhood programs and we believe that this level of quality benefits children with greater readiness and success in school. When families are seeking childcare, they look for quality. Families know that their children are in high quality care because NAEYC accreditation is the mark of quality that families look for. Your program will benefit as teachers and managers work together to obtain the endorsement of high quality. This process allows you to really take a look at your program and be willing to make any necessary improvements. The end result can be more rewarding than you know!
About Kate Stedronsky

Why should you attend?

  • Remarkable Content – Walk away with actual tools to help you do your job better and create a better environment for your families
  • Networking Opportunities – Enjoy learning from a room full of people who are all in the same position you are in
  • Training – We all need it every year! Why not get your training in the areas you need it most?

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